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Issued on 06 Apr 2006

Evergreen's Launches E-report Functions
and a Series of Reporting Functions

New tools to help manage and monitor shipments

Evergreen's ShipmentLink ( has launched enhanced E-reports available to all of carrier's customers. The new functions are integrated in Customer Services category of ShipmentLink homepage and includes Event-Driven Notification, Tracking report and Shipment Statistics to provide a flexible and efficient tool to manage and monitor shipments.

This new service features the following enhancements :

  • Event Notification
      This function automatically provides the customer with email notification when shipment activities occur, saving time usually spent making repeated enquiries.
  • Tracking Report
      It helps customers to trace shipments more easily and comprehensively. By simply selecting the information required (27 data elements in 5 categories at choice), customised reports can be accessed online or subscribed on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Shipment Statistics
      This function provides a quick shipment summary overview with bar chart. Customers can choose "Summary Report By Period", "Summary Report By Vessel Voyage" or "Shipment Details Report" and then share shipment information on-line or subscribe to receive it weekly or monthly.

    ShipmentLink provide s e-commerce services for Evergreen Marine Corp, Hatsu Marine Limited and Italia Marittima SpA.


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