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  Vessel Particulars  

Comprehensive vessel particulars are listed below for reference purpose. Carrier may update and revise from time to time without any prior notice. 
Series Gross Tonnage Deadweight Tonnage Capacity Service Speed Draft Designed Length Breadth Reefer Plugs
L(CSBC) 99,998 95,820MT 8,508TEU 24.5KTS 13.5M 334.8M 45.8M 948
L(SHI) 98,882 95,788MT 8,452TEU 24.5KTS 13.5M 335.0M 45.8M 942
S 75,246 78,661MT 7,024TEU 25.3KTS 14.2M 300.0M 42.8M 839
U 69,218 63,388MT 5,364TEU 25.0KTS 12.7M 285.0M 40.0M 562
NU 69,246 63,216MT 5,652TEU 25.0KTS 12.7M 285.0M 40.0M 570
R 53,103 58,912MT 4,229TEU 23.2KTS 12.5M 294.1M 32.2M 450
D 52,090 55,515MT 4,211TEU 25.0KTS 12.5M 294.1M 32.2M 476
P 17,887 19,309MT 1,618TEU 18.7KTS 9.0M 181.8M 28.0M 289
NP 17,887 19,309MT 1,618TEU 19.3KTS 9.0M 181.8M 28.0M 289
A 14,807 15,606MT 1,296TEU 18.7KTS 8.5M 165.0M 27.1M 200
C 12,404 17,445MT 1,038TEU 17.0KTS 9.5M 152.1M 25.6M 94
  Detailed Vessel Particulars

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